Avril Lavigne Gets Glitzy

Young and sexy singer Avril Lavigne has changed her look and style to a more celeb-like stature. In return, she's getting a big role in an upcoming movie and most likely more movies to come. Some may say... she's "finally grown up" from the punk-like tough chick lifestyle.

The film she will be seen in, or rather heard, is an animated movie with some big named actors like Bruce Willis and Rosanna Arquette. Lavigne states, "I love performing and actually, when I was quite young, I was acting in the theatre as much as I was singing. Hopefully, I'll land a really cool part or a bigger part in a movie." The new Lavigne still wants to be a little bit rock and roll while being glitzy.

"I think I just went from 17 to 21. I'm a woman now. When I first broke on the scene, I was a little kid straight out of high school and into skate-boarding and all that. Now I'm older. I'll keep wearing the rock look, but a little more feminine, a little more of that rock-glam thing going on." You go girl... and keep up the sexy look ;)

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