Ashlee Simpson learned soo little

At 21 years of age, Ashlee Simpson has already seen a lot in her life. Being sisters to extremly hot Jessica Simpsons, having a successful singing career, and touring the world with her band, can't be easy. She did learn a tidbit of knowledge from her newly single sis as of late...

Ashlee saw her sister Jessica "go through a really hard time" breaking up with her ex-husband Nick Lachey. Ashlee says that marriage is "definitely" not on her mind! Even though she said she's "absolutely in love" with a member of her band, Braxton Olita, she thinks she'll be a little smarter than her [chicken-in-the-sea] sister Jessica and not get hitched until she's ready.

"Whenever the time is right," in her 20's or 30's is when she plans to tie the knot. I believe you are a little smarter than your sister, so yah... go ahead and get married when you feel the time is right - even though you just got plastic surgery on your nose and are trying to lie about it (Pictures dont lie), and well-known SNL Dancing Skipping stunt, LOL!

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