Screech is a Asshole

Living post 'Saved by the Bell' must be hard for all the fellow cast members, but they seem to be doing it just fine. With as huge as the show was, your face doesn't get forgotten, especially for the crazy character Dustin Diamond (Screech).

Word on the street is he's currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he owns a resteraunt. Dustin also performs as a stand-up comedian for a living. The 29-year old Diamond states "No, I don't get to the unemployment office that much."

Friends of mine have actually met 'Screech' and say that he is an ASSHOLE! So, it comes with great pleasure to say that the other cast members are doing much better. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris, starred on NYPD Blue for four seasons before moving on to Commander in Chief. Kelly was a regular on Beverly Hills 90210 and Just Shoot Me, Jessie filmed Showgirls and was in a few other T.V. shows, and AC Slater has also been on a slew of other Television hits. Lisa, is also doing well.

Sucks to be you Dustin Diamond! Maybe you should be nicer to people and you wouldn't be seen as "The Dickhead Formally Known as Screech."
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