Angry Wife-Swapper

Lizzy Bardsley, a Wife Swap Star, was just charged with child cruelty and faces ten charges relating to alleged incidents between 1996 and 2005. Wow, lot of good Wife Swap did for yah!

People were outraged when they found out the Bardsley crew raked in £37,000 a year just in benefits for doing the show! She was also seen on Cosmetic Surgery Live and Celebrity Fit Club. These two shows... I'll actually agree she needed to be on ;)

These two losers got the big stroke of fame in 2003 with Wife Swap, him being jobless and her being a huge ass loud-mouth. They recently got devorced, but only after renewing their marriage vows on television. Talk about T.V.-hungry whores; Get a freekin job and stop beating your kids.

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