Russell Crowe in Trouble Again

Russell Crowe has always be known as non-do-gooder, a rebel if you will. The largely seen rage, was first spotted when he threw a telephone at a hotel employee. Hit him pretty hard too!

"The Ordinary Fear Of God" was playing in New Zealand which Crowe just happend to be at. Well, being that he's a celebrity, I guess standard rules don't apply to him. For most of the show, Crowe was smoking his ciggarrettes in a non-smoking building. Ofcourse he stood out, being the only one smoking!

"So, he's above the law just because he's a celebrity or something? Just because you're Russell Crowe doesn't mean you can do whatever you like." Not only was he hurting his unborn baby, he is now being investigated for the incident. Crowe was even told to put out the smoke, and refused!
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