Naomi Campbell Pulls Out

A spurt of violence has been seen in celebrities as of late. Apparently, Naomi Campbell is no different. Sean 'Diddy' Comb's has a reality cook-off television show "Celebrity Cooking Showdown." Campbell will not be on the show because she is being charged with assult from her maid, Ana Scolavino.

What did she do, toss a phone at someone like Russell Crowe did? Exactly! Campbell allegedly hit her maid with a jewel-encrusted cell phone. All the new rage I guess - throwing phones at people.

Diddy states, "Naomi's not in it. She's been out for like two weeks." And show host Alan Thicke jokes, "Naomi was booked and then got booked again, apparently at some precinct in New York."

The original plan was for her to have a 'cook-off' against diva Patti LaBelle, but plans went through when she thought pissing off her maid was a "Good Idea."
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