Mariah Carey, Another Stinky Diva

What's the latest trend for celebs to get their face out there? Sell their own product line. Jessica Simpson started a bloody trend and everyone and their mother is getting on board!

Mariah Carey is next in line to have a set of personally endorsed 'fragrances.' Elizabeth Arden said Grammy Award winner "Carey will be involved in all aspects of product development, packaging and marketing."

Well, that's just great. I wonder if it will have a very tight top (like herself)... so it can spill all its 'essence' onto the world... Perhaps some 'Glitter?' I heard that Jessica Simpson's product actually tastes good, but what can this dumb broad bring to the table?
  1. Mariah Carey Nipple Slip
  2. Britney Daniel Topless Video Scenes (NSFW)
  3. Tara Reid: Nippy Pies ;)
  4. Jessica Simpson Wet Boobies Video
  5. James Brown, You Freekin' Crackhead!
  6. Jodie Marsh: See-Through Outfit (NSFW)
  7. Why Porn is better than Women (NSFWomen) hehe

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