Kelly Osbourne the Writer

The Osbournes are one hell of a family; with the hard-rockin' father Ozzy Osbourne, talk-show host mother, and enough dogs to start a puppy brigade! Kelly Osbourne is now following in her mothers footsteps and writing a book about her crazy life.

With life in rehab, failed rock-star romances, and a family that can be classified as 'nutty', this book should be quite a gem. "I am definitely going to write an autobiography, so watch out for it", states Kelly. Some baggage and rules comes along with her new career path though.

"There is no way I would ever do Celebrity X Factor, even though my mother is involved. And I would never even dream of releasing a fitness video with my brother Jack, even though we've both lost loads of weight recently", states Kelly Osbourne. Your book should have enough drama and content to keep up the expectations of the readers... but why not use your family to get the book's popularity higher in rank? Oh well, do it on your own steam... and or lack there of.
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