Jessica Simpson in Trouble

Jessica Simpson's popularity seems to be drooping along with the weight of her purse. Tarrant Apparel Group (TAG), a Los Angeles clothing company, is now sueing Simpson for $100 million, claiming she breached their contract. OUCH! That's like a whole month's salary for her...

Simpson signed an agreement in 2004 to make, sell, market and distribute women's sportswear for the company. "Ms. Simpson shall be actively involved in promoting (TAG's) products, whether requested or not. She must publicly wear/display or use the products, particularly at events, shows and appearances," states the company.

I guess the gigs weren't stylish enough for her to be seen out in public. A contract is a contract lady! She has already recieved $2.2 million, with another $6 million dollars guarenteed on the way. For that kind of money you really shouldn't f*** around. If only Nick was here to clean this whole ordeal up for you ;)
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