Muhammad Ali Sells Out

Making money from marketing using your own name as a celebrity is a 'hot' thing to do these days. Branding some clothes, putting your name on a fragrance or perfume, fine. Literally selling 80 percent of the rights to your name and likeness ? No F***ing way! Before you know it, you could have random products like condoms, or even rectal gloves with your name on it!

I guess, this week Muhammed Ali was offered his [soul], and for what you ask? A mere $50 million. "They essentially have bought the rights to sell the rights. It's just a new way of looking at things in sports. It has taken an old concept, used in other businesses, and applied it to a new area," said Dan Migala.

Sad thing is, they are seriously just purchasing a person. The company involved in such gigantic purchases paid $100 million last year for the rights of Elvis Presley... who isn't even here to say "NO!" Oh well, if you are thinking of giving me an offer for my name/rights/soul, the bidding starts at $6.66 ;)
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