Britney Spears: Not Sexy

As a teenager, Britney Spears was completely smokin' but where does she reign now in on the hotness scale? Definitely below her 2004 declared standing of 'sexiest celebrity on the planet.' Could it have been her terrible choice to funk K-Fed, become trailer trash, have a child, and loose all respect for herself? At least she's got her own perfume to get all dat der trailer stank out' her hair ;)

FHM magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World says Spears just isn't getting the votes. Some say she has completely lost her sex appeal, which caused her to fall below the 100 sexiest women marking.

Spears is about 20 spots from being in the 100 Sexiest Women listing... even below Joss Stone and Charlotte Church. Who would have thought? Oh well, with all her previous fame and money, and with the loot K-Fed will bring in (LOL), she can just buy her happiness like the rest of the celebrities!
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