Jason Priestley the Cork Dork

A new half-hour television series is on the horizon appropriately called "Hollywood and Vines." Our least favorite (or at least mine) Beverly Hills 90210 star will be hosting this show along with Terry David Mulligan.

These idiots give themselves the status of "cork dorks!" The basis of the up-and-coming show is all about wine, and the celebrities who love wine. Like theirs not enough alcoholics in the world... lets push them to be even more popular because they love their vino!

Don't let my hate of Jason Priestley stop you from watching the show because one of my Favorite actors will be on the show as well :) Soon to be on the show are actors like: Heath Ledger, Katie Holmes and Sienna Miller, Jack Black [F***ing Hillarious], George Clooney, Steven Page and Kyle MacLachlan. Man, if we could get some of these celebs going around, making asses of themselves, and focusing on the best BEER... We'd be in business!
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