Look Fab Like Celebs

We all know that celebrities can make or break a "look." IE... when Jennifer Lopez came out during the award ceremony in the well-known green dress that pretty much showed everthing - encouraged all female celebrities and their mothers to dress in a similar fashion. The reason these celebrities can look so Damned dashing all of the time is because a lot of effort and money is involved!

"If you had a personal trainer, a chef, a stylist and an esthetician, you'd look that good too," says a professional stylist. We have some hot tips that can help you look celeb-like for cheap (well, cheaper anyways).

Supposedly, hydration is the key to healthy skin, and alternating hot and cold water in the shower stimulates blood flow. Do-it-yourself at-home hydrotherapy treatments can have the same effect without spending $200 a pop. Look like a rockstar by doing this:

(1) When you're in the shower, switch from hot water (as hot as you can tolerate) to cold water for 15 seconds, then back to hot. (2) The best time to moisturize your body is when you're just stepping out of the shower and your pores are still open. (3) Drink glasses of hot water with a slice of lemon to aid in removing toxins from the body. (4) When you get out of the shower don't brush your hair right away because it can break. Use a wide-tooth comb and work from the ends up.
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