Chunky Jade Goody Flops

One time Big Brother member, all time larger lady, Jade Goody is currently recouperating in the hospital from walking a London marathon. Jade Goody is not in good shape, and even stated herself she shouldn't be in this marathon because of her weight and shapely "attributes."

The 18th mile of the charity run was where she has given up, and needed to be taken to the hospital. Now mind you, 18 miles is a long ass ways to run... but she spectators say she walked it, haha! She admitted being overweight and not prepared for this... but at 24 years old, I would think she could at least complete the marathon!

Goody yelling at the paramedics, "I'm dying, I'm dying", while onlookers told reporters she had gone blue in the face through exhaustion. Her excuse for not being ready? She said she "got bored" during training for the event. "I’ve been eating curry and Chinese and drinking, It's my own fault I hadn’t prepared enough. I had only done four proper training sessions. I'm gutted I didn't get my medal. I wanted to finish but it was too much."

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