Kevin Costner Sex Scandal

Kevin Costner, the Hollywood actor, has been accused of performing a sex act while being given a massage at the golf hotel, The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Fife. I'm surprised it wasn't some type of baseball hotel, being that he can only do baseball movies, hehe.

It all went down in October, 2004 while Costner AND HIS WIFE were attended the Dunhill Links pro-celebrity golf event. A former employee of the hotel claimed unfair dismissal against the hotel, alleging she was sacked after she complained to management about the star's alleged behaviour. Serves the lady right... people always trying to get money from celebs!

The woman did settle with hotel lawyers before the hearing began. The 34-year-old spa worker at the centre of the allegations initially claimed unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination against the hotel after she lost her job. And tribunal chairman Nicol Hosie ruled that both the hotel and Costner could be identified and that there was not a strong enough case for their names to be withheld. No comment was made by the gold digga' ;)
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