One celebrities garbage is another man's treasure

Ohh, this is un-frickin-believable! A new Hollywood Museum is going which will contain literal pieces of garbage from well-known celebrities. Some of the pieces of trash consist of Britney Spears' chewing gum and Michael Jackson's old nose, LOL!

The diva's Spears' discarded gum, which she spits out in public, has already been sold 37 times already on eBay for as much as $14,000! Who the F*** wants this sl*ts old nasty bubble gum? And Michael Jackson's nose: I'd actually pay up to $5.00 maybe $10.00 for that treasure. It's just damn hillarious.

You may ask... who's rediculous idea was it to rummage through celeb's garbage and put it in a museum? Claxton Pustule, thats who! His father recently passed away, and inherited $4 million. Let's make papa proud, and waste all his money on trash!

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