Sienna Miller out of Control?

If drinking alcohol and acting like a fool is against the law, then you best lock me up! Celebrities are no different - they deserve the same freedom that we deserve to make complete bumbling idiots of ourselves. Well, were not being paparazzie'd every three seconds on our dumb moves anyways.

Sienna Miller is just like the rest of us and "New Idea" had the balls to worryingly ask "Is Sienna Miller out of control?" Pals of Sienna Miller are also stating she is "teetering on the brink of burnout as she acts increasingly out of control."

So what if Miller was spotted "chopping her own hair with a pair of scissors" before a photo shoot, or she sat cross-legged and waved glow sticks "erratically" and obviously had a few drinks and was all over the place; didn't seem to care who was watching.

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