Nude Britney Spears Photos

Latest news with Britney Spears? She's furios that someone has paid $40,000 to get nude photos of Spears. The photos supposedly came from previous boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

Spears is currently "flipping out" over the alledged photos and declares that, "the whole thing is a put up job - the photos are Britney's head put on someone else's body. We can thank Photoshop for that one ;) But ohhh wait, could this be legit? They website source "reportedly claims they are Brit as a teen completely nude!"

Timberlake's rep even says "It is complete bull." How could this have occured you ask? The report points out that Brit and JT were distraught after thieves broke into their Florida vacation home and made off with some stolen home videos back in 2001. Is it possible that Spears is taking the new standard route to refreshing your popularity points and releasing a "Sex Tape" next? God knows she could use the points ;)
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