Celebrities on MySpace

It appears that everyone is on MySpace lately... including celebrities. Instead of scouring through more than 50 Million users on MySpace to find celebrities, I decided to let you see some of them all in one page :)

Kevin Federline - Britney Spears’ husband and father of her child.
Carson Daily - The offical Myspace page of MTV’s host of TRL.
Kelly Osbourne - Singer, Solo Artist and daughter of rock star Ozzy Osbourne.
Jamie - MTV’s Real World San Diego.
Jenna Jameson - I think every guy reading this knows who she is.
Frankie - MTV’s Real World San Diego.
Elisha Cuthbert - Actress from many movies, but most memorable (for me) is the girl from Old School. (bosses daugher)
Tyra Banks - Talk show host and supermodel.
Mia Tyler - Steven Tyler’s (Aerosmith) daugther.
Trishelle - MTV's Real World & Playboy
Dane Cook - Hillarious Stand-Up comedian!
Veronica - MTV's Real World - Also posed nude!
William Shatner - Star Trek and many commercials as of late.
Kelly Clarkson
- Popular pop singer - started on American Idol
Keanu Reeves - The Matrix and a ton of other movies.
Joe Rogan - Fear Factor Host
WWE Members:
JBL, John Cena, Billy Kidman, Triple H, Gregory Helms, Steven Richerds
X-Play's Members:
Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb

  1. Peter Griffin - Wheel of Fortune
  2. HAHA - Look at what Britney Won!
  3. Shake that Healthy But, LOL
  4. Nothin' Sexier than a Celeb with a Smoke...
  5. Pamela Davis See-Through Dress
  6. Paris and Nicky: The Cartoon
  7. Nadine Coyle: The Land Down uNder ;)
  8. These Boobies got BASS!

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