Hilton & Ritchie Buds Again!

Months ago, the infamous daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie completely cut off communication to Paris Hilton. The reason being that Richie supposedly showed the Paris sex tape 'One Night In Paris' to some friends at a party.

Because of this incident, the two divas, who worked together side by side in 'The Simple Life,' haven't spoken for many months. It appears Hilton has recently had a change of heart and decided to 'wish Nicole all the happiness in the future.' "I hope twwhat Nicole is happy and healthy and having a good life," says Paris.

I knew that a little nudity-filled sex tape, that Paris Hilton herself wanted public, couldn't split the dynamic duo. They might not be best friends anymore but that doesn't stop them from chillin' with other cats!

Paris has a whole new best friend to make idiotic remarks and sex tapes with ;) Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly seems to be her best friend at the moment. Hilton even admits she even has a slight crush on her. "Kimberly is hysterical. She's six feet tall, blonde, beautiful and has luscious blue eyes. She's hot. I feel so comfortable with her and I can just act like myself." Could Paris Hilton's next sex tape be with a gal? Let's all hope so!

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