Hardcore Talker Gillian McKeith

Tonight on 'The X Factor', 9 celebs will be judged on their voices from Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louise Walsh. Gillian McKeith seems to be quite LOUD about her appearance on the show - and spits out some possible truths... and possible fiesty blabbery!

Gillian states, "They should be more afraid of me, I'm known for my tongue-lashings, so if anyone dares criticise my performance I'm going to have to wash out that attitude with some colonic tubes! I could slip them laxatives and they'll be running to the loo all the time." Ohh you dirty girl. Got some tricks up your sleeves hey?

Gillian goes on to share, "Simon has met his match, I can't wait to have a round with him. He's looking good at the moment and the other day he was letting everyone know it's down to me. He's been following my advice and eating lots of fruit and raw vegetables. But I think I need to do a bit more work on him. I'll be judging the way they eat and how they take care of themselves." Regarding the monitoring of their peepee samples for testing purposes she says, "They're going to be using the same bathrooms, so I'll have access. I can get a little potty to catch them." A little advise lady? STFU - Because you are the one being judged here!
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