Sharon Stone Isn't That Mean

British newspaper has spread a rumor, and printed it, that Sharon Stone left her 4-year-old son in a car while eating supper in a London resteraunt. This rumor was obviously not true, in fact she can proove that she had supper with her child. Stone is got an undisclosed ammount of money from the newspaper because of the embarrassment it had caused and distress.

Even though she probably recieved a LARGE ammount of money... she "planned to donate the money to charity." I would personally use that money to fight against the newspaper - you can't just make up a random rumor about someone neglecting their child!

The report stated her child was in the car for two hours outside The Ivy restaurant a London. "The article conveyed the clear allegation that Sharon Stone had neglected her son in a shameful and selfish way." Dear British newspaper: Next time you make up a lie, please make it believable!

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