Pickler Admits She Sucks

Kellie Pickler, who competed in American Idol, was recently removed from the show... and for good reason. She performed terribly! Even her proclaimed "tarantula eyes" and innocent clueless hick persona couldn't save her from the clutches of the American Idol crowd and voting staff.

Pickler herself stated, "I deserved to get the boot this week. I probably should have gotten it last week, but I'm grateful that the fans let me have another week. I had bad performances back to back. There's no excuse." Her thoughts on being kicked from the show were, "People believe what they want to believe, but I've been real from the beginning, and honest with my life and who I am."

Yes, you might be honest, but this is not a charity case, we shall choose the best, and you are NOT it! A little dirt on Pickler you request? She admits her father had a 45-month prison stretch on assault charges. She idiotically said "When all else fails, you gotta have good shoes," and after her horrible performance... she even declared herself to have "butchered it!"
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