Tonya Harding got stronger, fatter, and uglier

Now - if this is even possible, Tonya Harding has gotten even uglier. With her career now as a boxer, it appears that she has immensly "bulked up." Everything on her seems to be bigger, especially her stomach! Check out these discusting photos of the now extremely gross Tonya Harding! I even heard there is a Tonya Harding's sex tape floating around but I'll be damned if I'm going to post this beast nude here, haha. Notice the progression from hmm... to OMFG!

  1. Lindsay Lohan Gallery
  2. Lil' Kim Titty Shot
  3. Jessica Alba's Pokies are out!
  4. Sophie Marceau Breast Slip - Classic
  5. Unfair 3 vs. 1 Catfight

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