Cheney's got a gun

A new parody song was created as being passed around the net like wildfire regarding Dick Cheney's latest "mishap." Below are the lyrics to this hillarious tune.

Cheney's Got a Gun
(A Parody of Aerosmith's 'Janie's Got a Gun")
Produced by The Bob Rivers Show

Dick Cheney's got a gun
Dick Cheney's got a gun
The safety's come undone
He's squintin' in the Texas sun
What did our leader do?
Who'd he put a bullet through?

They said when Cheney goes To Texas
You'll find him huntin' fish and game
His buddy had it comin'
Cuz when Cheney's got a gun
He's just not that good at takin' aim

Cheney's got a gun
Dick Cheney's shot someone
Cindy Sheehan better run
Better watch her liberal buns
Tell him that the war's not through
He'll probably put a hole in you

He tracked a little bitty birdy
Hopin' to blow out its brains
They say the spell that he gets under
From double barrel thunder
Makes his eyes pop out like he's insane

Run away, run away from the Vice President
Run away, run away, run from Dick Che-ee-ay-ee-nee

Dick Cheney's got a gun
Cindy Sheehan better run
He a weapon of mass destruction

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