Kim Kardashian is nominated for a Razzie

kim-kardashian-sex-tape-03.jpgKim Kardashian is athrill over her contempo Razzie choice for the movie, Disaster Movie, which allegedly lived up to its own name as its nominated as well. Kim seems to be demography it in stride. Maybe she knows that abysmal bottomward inside, she can still cull the my sex band was bigger than castigation card…with anybody but Paris, that is. Here’s more.

"I’m having a really good laugh over the fact that I’ve been nominated for a Razzie this year.
I had so much fun filming Disaster Movie and giggled the entire time during the shoot.
There is steep competition in my “worst supporting actress” category, I have to admit… including my fantastic costar Carmen Electra (you go girl!), Leelee Sobieski (what a surprise!), Jenny McCarthy (really?) and Paris Hilton (who could technically sweep this year’s awards with a whopping three nominations!)."
It’s an honor just being nominated! LOL!

kim-kardashian-Razzie kim-kardashian-nominateRazzie.jpg kim-kardashian-eRazzie_nominated.jpg kim-kardashian-Razzie_nominated.jpg

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