Bruce Willis is Desperate

Being a man that can't commit to one woman, Bruce Willis believes he will die a bachelor. Willis has had a large collection of bad relationships, that led to a long string of failed romances. Whatchu talkin bout Willis? You got more money than you can count and one of the most popular hollywood actors ever!

Willis states, "I'm going to go out a bachelor. Truth is, I have doubts about my ability to maintain a relationship necessary for a marriage to work. If I know anything about myself, I know that." Having three children already isn't enough, Willis proclaimed to Access Hollywood, that "I want to have more kids."

Bruce Willis believes that he is still a P.I.M.P and declared "I've got a great sense of humor and it's still all working, working well." He's not sure if he wants to get married again, but one thing is for sure: Willis thinks he's still a good catch!
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