How to Buy a Celebrity

The wax museum "Movieland" stopped showing celebrity wax figures last October and is now auctioning off all the wax characters. Hollywood stars and starletts are not the only thing for sale. You can even buy the actual stage and set! A total of 200 wax beauties and 120 sets will be auctioned off.

The real kicker is... you don't have to purchase the entire wax figurine. You can just purchase the parts you want, LOL! Hmm, I'll take Angelina's Boo-boos and Tom Jones's "Kick-Stand" third leg, haha. It would actually be pretty fun to purchase all different character's body parts and play mix and match ;)

  1. Natalie Portman - Nice Pokies!
  2. Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery
  3. Sienna Miller attacks Paparazzi... Again
  4. Usher Gets Punked
  5. Jessica "Nip"son - Must be Cold ;)
  6. New Dirtier Sluttier Look for Christina Aguilera?
  7. Lingerie Bowl - Why was I not informed about this earlier?

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