Get Real Lil' Kim

Anything to make a buck right Lil' Kim? Lil' Kim has a new show that began today called Lil' Kim: Countdown To Lockdown which focuses on her final few days before going to the jail.

"My name is Kimberly 'Lil' Kim' Jones. And I am innocent...Throughout my life and my whole entire career, I've been a survivor. Anybody who knows Lil' Kim knows that I have handled some obstacles." is how Jones began her show today. She is a survivor alright... but let's see if her tittie-showing heavy-blinging fake ass gets props in the big house!

The funny thing about this whole situation, is that it appears she isn't worried about going to jail. She is more focused on her next album coming out then getting greeted by larger-set beefy jailmates!

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