Josh Hartnett Hates Roles

Josh Hartnett thinks that his role in '40 Days and 40 Nights' has hurt his credability as an actor. Hartnett plays a handsome character that can NOT have any sexual contact with anyone for 40 days. I guess he doesn't enjoy being a "sex symbol."

He stated, When people say I'm a sex symbol, it undercuts any ability I have, so I try not to focus on that." He also said he didn't enjoy playing his role in 'Pearl Harbor' or 'Hollywood Homicide.'

Dear Josh Hartnett, a quick tip from all us Non-Millionaires, you are rich because of playing these roles, so you can now do whatever you want, as long as it involves less bitching about your roles!
  1. Basic Instinct 2 Uncensored
  2. Ashanti See-Through Nipples
  3. Outdoors Stripping Acrobat Girl
  4. Britney Spears: A Distant Memory

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