Internet Child Molesters Caught in the Act

Dateline NBC's reporter Chris Hansen revealed many child molesters in his report "To Catch a Predator' III" live on television. He's even blogging about these sinful tales which can be found here. It's actually quite rediculous, one guy that was caught was a Rabii, another a high-school teacher, and they even encountered official "sexual offenders" which this was not their first act! The total count of suspects was 51. You think these people would either learn new techniques to not get caught because this is the THIRD REPORT!

The sting was setup via an internet chat room or instant messaging. The child would call them and ask the predator to come over. They predator would walk right in the house, and expect to have sex with the children. Most of the suspects were middle aged and white - and ALL of them were male. The majority of them were also questing after what they thought was a 13 year old boy!

One character stated the often fascinates about incest, and reads a book dedicated to having sex with children and incest behaviours. "He fantisizes about it" - the man states. Many of the men just took off running but every one of them except one was arrested at the scene of the crime, and ofcourse their car was impounded for committing a felony act of tying to have sex with a child.

My personal favorite "victim" was drawn to the childs house, saw that someone was actually being arrested, and still came in the house. The kicker is, he even saw a similar report a few days ago - AND KNEW that this was a similar sting. He just wanted to have sex with that child soo bad that he risked everything thinking he could get in there for a quick raunch!

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