The Mile High Club

This rant is coming to you today from the bottom of my heart and inspired by a terrible occurance with Mid-West Airlines (Or as I've heard them called: Mid-Worst Airlines). To start the delima - it all occured by swapping us to a new terminal... 5 TIMES!!! This ofcourse caused a huge delay so we arrived at our destination about 2.5 hours late.

On the flight, no food, not even Peanuts were given to us. You can purchase this shitty ass "Box of Crappy Food" and It's not even an option to buy a hot meal... for us. Ofcourse were starving and can smell the hot food and got excited. But NO! It was only for first-class passengers.

Our flight was about 5 hours long - which it would have been nice to have at least the "option" to watch a movie or something on the flight. No such FUCKING luck! No Movies Whatsoever. I could go on and on and on about "Mid-Worst" Arlines but fuck um. Get it? Butt Fuck Um!? heheh

Anyways on to the show: Here are some nice ladies having sex or being nude in an airplane. I hope you enjoy :)

Having Sex in an Airplane: Right in Public!

Sexy Flight Attendant Naked and Willing

Nude Parachuting Couple Having Sex IN FLIGHT!

Parachuting Couple Having Sex On Ground

Drunk Mother Passed Out Nipple Slip on Airplane

Naked Lesbian Hotties Touch Titties in a Cesna Airplane

Lesbo Firecrotch Spreads her Pussy on the Airplane Wing

Hot Lesbian Babe Pilots: They can Fly me Anywhere!

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