Megan Mullally's Talk Show

Well - it appears that Megan Mullally, who plays ... in Will and Grace with the hot redhead Debra Messing, is quite full of herself. She is now in the works of creating a talk show of her own. What makes you think you can make it in this world - with other talkshow's content? "I want it to be a 'best of talk shows' talk show." - said Mullally. In fact, I believe they already have a ton of television shows that do this as well. Well - go ahead and give it a try; be a duplicate of a duplicate; a warn out carbon copy!

  1. Funny Porn Faces
  2. Sorry Laides: There are somethings that you just cant do
  3. Go ahead - Kill some time ;)
  4. My personal favorite collection of links!
  5. Golfers have ALL the luck

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