Donna from That 70's Show

What do I think about "That 70's Show" getting cancelled? No More Donna! :( Laura Prepon who plays Donna in "That 70's show" will no longer be in any new seasons because the show got axed in it's eight season. "Malcolm in the Middle" is also being axed after it's seventh season - reports Fox network execs. Laura Prepon or "Donna" on the show was actually the only reason I watched it.

Born on March 7th 1980 and raised in Watchung, New Jersey, she started studying acting early at the age of 15 as well as dancing - ballet, jazz and modern. She also modeled in Paris, Milan and elsewhere in Europe. It'll be truly sad to see this natural redhead leave the comedy sitcom scene... but look on the bright side: she can now start her true calling in life and model for playboy ;)

Sexy photos of Donna 'Laura Prepon' from That 70's Show

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